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Solar Hot Water System

Are you tired 1236658906solar_hot_water_systemof paying to heat your water? Isn’t the sun hot enough already that you should be getting that hot water for free?

Well, actually you can. With a solar hot water heater you can have unlimited free hot water warmed with the power of the sun.

You can even find out right now how much such a system will cost you by getting a free quote from us at this very website. As great as our prices our, they can get even better with government rebates that drastically reduce the cost of solar power systems.

A solar hot water system is also a great way to protect the environment since it cuts down on harmful carbon emissions that traditional power methods produce. And you will be protecting future generations while saving money because using solar power leads to huge savings on your electric bill. You can save up to 90% each month on your bill just by switching to solar heating.

Fairview Solar and Wind is ready to get you started with a new solar hot water system. Call us today to get in touch with one of our friendly, knowledgeable customer service specialists and find out how much you could be saving.