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Solar and Wind Power

The Process

Where to begin?
dfdfVenturing into the renewable energy sector can be daunting, especially given that it may well be a major financial investment that you are making, so it HAS to be right.

Fortunately, at  Fairview Solar and Wind we are well aware of this, and are on hand to guide you right through the process, from start to finish and beyond. We will always provide honest advice from our wealth of experience, and will be happy to explain any or all of our advice or recommendations.
Get in Touch
Once you have an idea of what you would like to achieve – a solar install, wind turbine, heat pump, EMMA… – just get in touch with us, and we’ll make sure your project is feasible and is in fact what you require and suitable for your needs. We will then come and see you – we like to put a face to the name as soon as we can. This also means that we can have a look at your project through technical eyes, to get an idea of what type of installation you are looking for.

We will also discuss the financial benefits at this stage, and any other technical requirements there may be, including planning permission. The Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) requirement is a common point of discussion – we can usually point you in the right direction.



We will then design you a system (or give you options), along with a quotation for the works. Our quotes are fully inclusive for the complete service – we will not add on large costs later on for scaffolding or additional labor.Illust_passive_solar_d1

Our design service is fully comprehensive and is carried out by our experienced and knowledgeable technical team. Where appropriate we will build 3D models to demonstrate impact of shading on your system in order to provide accurate estimates and optimize module selection, positioning and inverter choice.

Design of a solar PV system is extremely important, and it’s imperative that a bespoke system is provided to all of our customers to ensure the system will perform to its full potential.



Scheduling and Installation.
Should you wish to proceed with us, we will normally ask for a deposit of around 25% depending on the nature of the installation to allow us to carry ouurlt the work. Our installers will arrange to be on your site at a time to suit you and will carry out the work in the time stated on your quotation.

We are also very familiar with working around other works you may have on site, or integrating with much larger construction project – we’ve worked on large school construction sites as well as home builds and renovation projects. This can be daunting for you, but we are happy to work with your other contractors to ensure this is carried out with minimal fuss.



We will commission and hand over your installation, with a walk through what it does and how it works, as well as any safety features and their operation. Most of our systems are very straightforward, and are always labelled and diagrams provided, as well as a system handover pack.



Paperwork and Administration
With our experience in the ever changing industry, we always keep on top of the current requirements for both technical and administrative paperwork. Some of this must be completed by you – feed in tariff applications, for instance – but we can fill out all the technical parts for you, for you to complete, sign and send off.

Planning permission, where required, can also seem challenging, but we can assist with drawings and any other information required to ensure this is processed smoothly and quickly.

We handle any dealings with DNO (Distribution Network Operator) regarding your connection to the grid for generators and heat pumps. This process is dependent on the size of your system, but we will let you know of any impact this may have on your system design/installation/schedule.