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Global Operations

In addition to North America, right now we are proposing to provide green energy for middle east countries as well as the Africa.

In order to continue to be one of the premier Solar and wind energy companies, Fairview has developed these Global Operating Principles. Fairview respects its employees, and these Global Operating Principles are intended to promote the safe and fair treatment of all of its employees while fostering a sustainable culture. Fairview requires that its operating Business Units protect the environment and respect the cultural, ethnic, religious, political, and philosophical differences of people around the world. We recognize that Fairview must be responsible for its Global Operating Principles and we will review our performance with a view toward continued progress and improvement.


These Global Operating Principles apply to the Fairview Company and all of the facilities owned by, and all employees of, Fairview and its Business Units throughout the world (the “Company”). Fairview has also developed a set of guidelines for firms with whom Fairview and its Business Units worldwide have a contractual relationship, including contractors, suppliers of goods and services and joint venture partners.