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We are fast becoming a trusted business providing and installing quality solar panels and components to the...

Solar Hot Water System

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Are you tired of paying to heat your water? Isn’t the sun hot enough already that you...

Solar Pool Heating

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Fairview Solar and Wind has found solar pool heaters to be one of the most cost-effective solar energy...

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How can you add Wind and Solar Energy to Your Home?

Becoming more energy independent with renewable and sustainable energy sources can be a source of great satisfaction and accomplishment.

It can be downright exhilarating to know that every time you see the wind blowing, and every time you see the sun shining, you are producing electricity for your home and saving money–all without a carbon footprint.

By installing a renewable energy system via wind power through wind turbines and solar power through solar panels, you are actually helping to keep our air cleaner and healthier, thereby saving lives and giving our children a better planet to live in.

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